Index Of Articles

Problems of Logic

Sound Philosophy is Never Confused
Given the human mind confronts many seemingly intractable questions, it can be asked to what extent those questions are in fact produced by the mind itself – especially when the universe does not seem confused at all.
Physics: Points of uncertainty
Theoretical points in space and time serve the goals of many cognitive tasks, but what is to be gleaned from our fixation on such wholly conceptual entities of zero substance?
Physics: The measurement illusion
It appears that all measurement reduces to mere comparison between two or more things within a universe where nothing is truly static. Therefore we logically do not have the supposed true measure of anything.

Science And Objectivity

When science becomes a religion
A critique of scientific belief and its wilder excesses
GMOs and intellectual arrogance
A review of evolutionary ideas and the human mind’s hijacking of the living process
Emotions do matter
Dismissing human emotions is the norm in modern science.   What is the real truth behind this, how is it presented culturally, and can it really be justified?
The need to evolve human ideas
Evolution has given humans incredible powers, but are we so drunk on them that we risk being unwitting victims of our own success?

NOR theories

Our dubious fixation on ‘things’
An overview of how abstract thought and language unthinkingly but necessarily classify and label reality as a collection of supposed things – together with the ramifications
Divided we fall
A review of division as an inherent trait within abstract thinking, together with consequences and the issues of dealing with them


Facts don’t care about your feelings?
A critique of the popular idea that a true understanding of the human condition requires we ignore the role of emotions
Culture, and the desire to escape it
A picture of modern civilization’s alienating characteristic: its propagation, its obsessional nature, and its physical and mental costs
Fixing social reality
An alternative view of our illusory social reality, plus a suggested means of evolving beyond it


Belief in science
Scientism viewed as a peculiarly modern form of autocratic religious zealotry
True evolution
A summary of culturally suppressed aspects of evolutionary and psychological thinking, together with their origins, ramifications and transcendence


Thoughts about thinking
A short reasoning about the deceptions inherent in all thought
Human engineering
Engineering the inanimate world and the organic world are markedly different challenges.   Has our success in one arena given us false confidence in the other?
Ideas have only circumstantial relevance
Our unique evolutionary development has had a massive impact on how we live and the planet we inhabit.   But unfortunately, this has left us as our own biggest threat.