True evolution

Nothing is currently holding the evolution of the human race back as much as a largely unseen constriction within human culture – namely the idea that human thought is extraneous to evolution.

But when thinking from within that constriction, any credible role for mind appears odd; modern culture with its belief in the value of science sees evolution as only a biological or genetic process.   With mind being effectively banished from accepted theories of evolution, any notion that cultural ideas could hold back evolution has no intellectual framework.

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Belief in science

Mainstream modern culture is steeped in science – obsessed with being objective and furthering scientific thinking within all walks of life.   Faith and belief are rebuked as descriptors of the scientific perspective – scientific truth supposedly belonging to some higher order beyond question.   Knowledge thus derived is increasingly seen as utterly and incontrovertibly true, with an intransigence curiously akin to religious zealotry.

Of course, science aficionados would invoke the scientific method, clinical experimentation, the peer-review process and such, to challenge any idea science was effectively a religion – likely arguing the absence of these things in religious outlooks gives science a uniquely solid grounding.

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