Facts don’t care about your feelings?

The idea that facts are somehow core to reality and cannot be altered by emotions leans heavily on the idea of a knowable objective world – a world that can be fully, or at least accurately, described by facts.   But does such a world really exist?   Or if it does, is it one that is accessible to the human mind in the manner those who habitually advocate prioritizing facts over emotions like to imagine?   Is it clever to dismiss the role of emotions as if facts were intrinsically of more value?

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Fixing social reality

The problems of human cohabitation on this planet can largely be seen as the ruthless exploiting the gullible.   Those who know how to manipulate the minds and actions of others are busy justifying such exploitation under the guise of nationalist, religious, political and other ideological value systems.

When the gullible fall for these ruses they often fail to figure out exactly why the world turns out less wonderful than promised.   But keeping people confused and quarreling over such issues is actually a tactic in itself for their further exploitation.

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Culture, and the desire to escape it

Modern life is demanding.   Civilization’s complexity involves reckoning with multiple social structures, managing a host of societal obligations, and coping with relentless change.   Social inclusion requires far more than simply securing life’s essentials in the manners our ancestors did.

Little of this would exist had technology not enabled massive changes that progressively transformed human life beyond anything previously imagined.   However, evolutionary theory dictates human genetic evolution has not kept pace with such change, and we have therefore created a world alien to our genetic adaptations.   At what cost?

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