Divided we fall

Cognitive division of reality is effectively the basis of all abstract ideas.

This is largely hidden within everyday thinking, but our ideas are inherently based on the mind dividing, categorizing and labeling the world.   No conceptualizations of reality would be possible without such cognitive acts – albeit they are so deep within the mind’s operations that they almost never surface as conscious thoughts.   Even the idea of their existence is possibly nothing more than the outcome of conventional reasoning; it seems likely that we have never consciously reflected on the matter, having uncritically assimilated cultural perspectives of reality since birth.

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Our dubious fixation on ‘things’

The view of Non-Objective Reality (NOR) is that the mind’s abstract modeling of reality amounts to an artificially divisive segmentation of perceptual data such that the model thereby conceived is a vastly simplified version populated by relatively discrete components generically referred to as things – the supposed component parts of reality.   NOR challenges the wisdom of this approach.

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