Fixing social reality

The problems of human cohabitation on this planet can largely be seen as the ruthless exploiting the gullible.   Those who know how to manipulate the minds and actions of others are busy justifying such exploitation under the guise of nationalist, religious, political and other ideological value systems.

When the gullible fall for these ruses they often fail to figure out exactly why the world turns out less wonderful than promised.   But keeping people confused and quarreling over such issues is actually a tactic in itself for their further exploitation.

When seeing all this, some will nonetheless ask rather hopelessly about what could ever be done to resolve matters.   It is one thing to see that the powerful have power by exploiting the weaknesses of others, but how can this mechanic be undone?   How can the disempowered usurp the position of those who control them?

What should be considered here is that matters are largely a game of numbers.   Convincing people that they are individually disempowered does not mean that they are collectively powerless.   The history of civic revolts has often proved this.   However, that history also demonstrates how readily new power elites ascend, and the cycle of exploitation reappears.   So is there a means of changing the game once and for all?

The crucial factor is mind manipulation.   Not only do those in power always seek to disguise their use of this tactic, but they also suppress cultural knowledge that this is what they are about.   And given society’s hierarchies generally operate by paying fealty to those even higher up the social ladder, such suppression of what is really going on can be both extensive and effective.

The truth in any case is that we humans are not the hugely altruistic beings those in power seek to pretend.   But that narrative serves their interests on two fronts: on the one hand it obfuscates their true agendas, and on the other, it creates a culture in which people feel they must generally hide their natural self-interest and pretend a greater concern for others than they really feel.   In short, such a narrative manufactures consent and compliance, whilst hiding the real truths of social reality.   But it remains a lie.

So in addressing what can be done about all this, there is no need for the individual to feel powerless.   Instead of accepting conventional ideas that we have no power because elites are in charge, the individual only needs to realize that he and other individuals have the ultimate power.   The fear of elites that ordinary people see such a truth is easily understood by its sheer simplicity.

But of course, that fear manifests itself in propaganda effectively telling us that any alternatives to our exploitation under current structures must be some form of dangerous and destructive anarchy.   Hence, many opt for the devil they know from within a position that such evil must be preferable to something even worse.   And to the extent they do so, the propaganda has worked on them.

Being constrained by such apparently limited options is nonetheless an illusion given the whole ruse relies on nothing more than people’s gullibility and fears – not to mention that succumbing to fear is a divisive social cancer to all concerned.

Once a cultural awareness is established as regards the mechanics and psychology underpinning all such social exploitation, we are all more informed and better positioned to address the problems.   In real terms, this means spreading a cultural awareness of just how thoroughly people are exploited by mind games and manipulation of their emotions – typically by the upper levels of social hierarchies.   Once this is seen, the truth that we are basically fairly self-centered can be reasserted – alongside the fact that we are nonetheless perfectly capable of treating others with due respect.

From the same position, we can also reason how and why organized exploitation of others by any means whatsoever will always entail social downsides.   We can see that rampant violence and greed are actually the hallmarks of the current world order – not inherent aspects of human behavior or some anarchical vision intended to frighten us.   We can observe how all other species restrict their aggression and violence to the purely utilitarian ends of procuring food, warding off genuine threats and, to a much lesser extent, competing for sexual mates.   They do not invent false enemies within their own species for the nefarious goal of manipulating their own kind with fear.   Such things are the are unique symptoms of problems unique to today’s humanity.

The dissolution of today’s toxic culture in which such evils persist lies in a shared awareness of our potential for mutual exploitation – not in rose-tinted denials that this is the current norm.   Once we embrace the knowledge that we can exploit one another to the extent that any potential victim is naïve and gullible, the true collective cost of sustaining such naivety and gullibility can be understood as one of ongoing social imbalance.   As a species, we have in fact long experimented with this idea – that of simply taking advantage of fools – and it has proven both bloody and dangerous.   Cultivating uninformed idiots to exploit is surely no survival plan for any species.

Hence, it is the responsibility of anyone truly pursuing social harmony to blow open the truth of human psychological prowess and its otherwise secret operations.   It behooves us to stop pretending that we or our leaders are interested in the human race as a whole whilst nonetheless pursuing selfish ends, and to acknowledge that the opposite is actually true – caring for the human race as a whole requires enough honesty to deconstruct the level of hypocrisy within existing structures of inequality and oppression.

Once none of us are gullible about these matters, we are all protected from those currently exploiting such gullibility.