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The End Of Philosophy takes a radical look at the nature of abstract thought and its massive influence throughout the entire history of civilization: a terribly serious work nonetheless punctuated by three humorous interludes.

A notable characteristic of the narrative is its almost complete lack of directly supporting evidence: a deliberate tactic designed to avoid the sort of reader alienation that so easily arrives when specific historical events are viewed through the lens of any particular perspective.   Hence, the reader is likely to agree or disagree with each idea according to whichever anecdotes of human history or his own experiences he chooses as reference material.   Even readers heavily inclined to dispute the book’s strident arguments may well be forced to re-examine whatever arguments they would pit against the views expressed.

The overriding message is the superficially counter-intuitive idea that only by humbling all human ideas and by restraining our rather reflexive faith in the mind’s abilities to properly interpret the human condition can humankind transcend the many challenges of our troubled times.   Those challenges are painted as basically of our own making, and as therefore resolvable via a suitable rethinking of our true place in the grander scheme of things.   The required reworking of human thought is presented as a change of potentially great evolutionary significance: possibly the only strategy by which our species will avert its otherwise looming demise.

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